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Opening The Closed Political Culture
The headline, from the Los Angeles Times, hit me like a sucker punch: “Voters’ ‘Bernie or Bust’ efforts persist despite Sanders’ vow not to be another Ralph Nader.” Actually, it …

Did the Arabs Betray Palestine? – A Schism between the Ruling Classes and the Wider Society
At the age of 21, I crossed Gaza into Egypt to pursue a degree in political science. The timing could have not been worse. The Iraq invasion of Kuwait in …

“Hints” of an End to Yemen’s Nightmare
For decades now, Yemen’s people have suffered from bad governance, underdevelopment, and prolonged civil conflict. Despite enduring these multiple hardships, Yemenis have largely been ignored by the rest of the …

Non-violent BDS Should Be Welcomed, Not Condemned
A thousand Israelis and their supporters gathered in Jerusalem’s International Convention Center on March 28 at a conference aimed at combating the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). The conference …

Intifada for Dummies: Why a Popular Uprising Is Yet to Take Off?
Whether history moves in a straight or cyclical line, it matters little. The uncontested fact is that it is in constant motion. Thus, the current situation in Palestine is particularly …

Playing With Guns
You shouldn’t play with guns, unless you do it the way “Jim” apparently did. His gun play — a (seemingly) satirical petition at change.org — has enveloped the looming Republican …

Dangerous and Delusional
The performances by four of the five remaining presidential candidates at AIPAC’s policy conference made this a perfectly strange and unsettling week in Washington. The entire affair was more of a …

If Syria is to Fall, others will Follow: The Pandora’s Box of Federalism
The apparent sudden Russian military withdrawal from Syria, starting on March 15 left political commentators puzzled. Few of the analyses offered should be taken seriously. There is little solid information as of …

Speaking Against Terrorism
In terrorists attacks innocent lives are lost without any gain for those who perpetrate these unforgiving crimes against humanity and above all against God…

AIPAC’s Anti-BDS Campaign
When the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) comes to town this week for their annual policy conference, high on the agenda of issues they’ll be pushing Congress to support …



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Bernie and the Greens

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