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Zakah: Connecting Humanity
Zakah, strengthens the individual's sense of relation to the community and the community's awareness of the value of the individual ..
Let’s Examine Our Relationship with the Qur'an
The Qur'an was revealed by Almighty Allah through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to mankind to bring them out of the disorienting and debilitating darkness of falsehood, ignorance and superstitions to the…
Improve the Human Condition with Zakah
If Zakah is one of the pillars of Islam, it stands to reason that this pillar must stand on a firm foundation. That firm foundation is comprised of each Muslim’s…
The Powerful Night of Ramadan
The Night of Power in His infinite wisdom is encouraged to be searched during the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan
Fasting should increase Philanthropy
Fasting & Philanthropy Sawm or Fasting in the Islamic tradition requires dawn till dusk abstention from food, drink and intimacy. It is, however far more than mere refraining from these…
How to become God-Conscious (or Muttaqi)
“This is the Book; in it is guidance, without doubt, to those who fear God.” [Yusuf Ali].“This DIVINE WRIT – let there be no doubt about it – is [meant…
Giving Makes You Rich
Less poetically, the idea is this Giving makes you rich. A lovely sentiment, to be sure, but quite backward-sounding to an economist.
The Secret of the Night of Power
As creatures aware of our own existence, we human beings have a direct responsibility for our survival on earth ..
8 ways of approaching the Quran with purity of intention
Read the Quran with no purpose other than to receive guidance from your Lord, to come nearer to Him, and to seek His good pleasure.
Zakat for Da'wah and Public Welfare Programs
It is the concept of 'fi Sabil Allah' and helping the Islamic cause in many lands where it has made it possible to establish Islamic institutions and Mosques.



The E.U. Is Alive and Well, But the Referendums Are Coming
This Is How Great-Power Wars Get Started
Italy chides E.U. partners for lack of solidarity in migrant crisis
Fear and loathing on the Afghan Silk Road 
Macron: I’ve not seen legitimate successor to Assad in Syria
U.N. says Congo withdrawing troops from Central African Republic mission
Russia cancels talks after U.S. imposes new sanctions over Ukraine conflict
Saudi ‘Game of Thrones’: Change is coming 
Trump’s son-in-law launches Middle East peace effort

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