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Darker Horizons Ahead: Rethinking the War on "IS" [OPINION]
'IS' thrives on conflicts and calamities that are rooted in poor, fragmented Arab societies, where youth are disenchanted with their governments and where they have little or no hope for the future due to corruption and the protracted violence. More
CVE in the US: Does More Harm Than Good [OPINION]
While CVE is new, the idea of adopting programs and practices that may sound good but have no empirical justification, is tragically par for the course-especially when it comes to dealing Arabs and Muslims as threats to national security.More
Armed Insecurity [OPINION]
As a society, we're armed and dangerous - and always at war, both collectively and individually. We're endlessly declaring bad guys (officially and unofficially) and endlessly protecting ourselves from them, ... More
The oldest surviving fragment of the Quran: 'All Muslims would love to see it' [FEATURE]
But if the dating we've been given is at all reliable then we've got fragments from a Quran that will have been copied by somebody who either knew the Prophet Mohammed himself, or knew somebody who had known him."More
A Chance for Arab-Iranian Reconciliation: An Opportunity in the Iran Nuclear Deal []
The war on Iran was, and remains, a staple in US media. They paint the same horrifying image about Iran as they did Iraq prior to the invasion which resulted in the destruction of the country, and now, consequently, the region.More
Soulless Economics [COLUMN]
And we cannot bring about a change in humanity without a change in our economic system, which asks for sacrifice only from those who already have next to nothing and has no language that values generosity, ... More
A US-Iran Realignment Is Not in the Cards [OPINION]
For decades now, Iran has fashioned itself as the leader of the anti-Western resistance movement across the Muslim World. Their support for groups in Lebanon and Palestine ... More
Why Palestinians Fight Back: The Logic of Life and Death in Gaza [OPINION]
Expecting Gaza not to resist is an invitation for Israel to complete its humiliation of the Palestinian people, to utilize the Strip for financial gains (for example, natural gas near the coast and racially segregated beach resorts, etc.), ... More
Interfaith Science of Ramadan: The Essence May be Traceable in Your Faith [COLUMN]
Every faith is composed of a set of unique rituals to bring discipline and peace to human life. Fasting is one of the five key rituals that Muslims around the world observe.More
Deal or No Deal [OPINION]
For Arabs, there can be no good outcome to the negotiations if the US fails to address the impact of any deal on these conflicts and Iran's role in them.More




Arab ministers plan talks in Cairo after Jerusalem clashes
War in Yemen has pushed six million to the brink of starvation, Oxfam warns
U.N. closes Iraq health programmes for lack of funding
Afghan power play: It was never really about Karzai, it's about Ghani
Israel's $100 million gamble: The Lobby doubles down on its propaganda war
Turkey, U.S. aim for safe zone cleared of ISIS in Syria
Without BDS, Palestine is alone
If Congress rejects nuclear deal, would U.S. and not Iran be a pariah?
Lebanon evicted Syrians from a refugee camp; they refused to go
Are the U.S. and allies getting oo cozy with Al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria?
Most Americans don't vote in elections. Here's why
Mexico investigation unearths more mass graves, but still no answers
Greece crisis: Yanis Varoufakis admits 'contingency plan' for euro exit
Muslims in Moscow work to break a stereotype
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