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The Critical Role of Ideas and Values
Islam and Muslims today stand at a crossroads. They face unprecedented challenges and threats from within and without alike. Most of those challenges and threats evolved, or have been designed,…
It is All about Peace (Salam)
One of the main objectives of man’s honorable vicegerency mission on earth is establishing, spreading and living peace. By peace it is meant peace with Allah the Creator and Master,…
Ramadan and its Benefits
  The holy month of Ramadan is once again upon us. While most of us will be fasting and praying and seeking Allah’s blessings in this month some would be…
Jewish Nation-State Bill: Israel’s Precarious Identity is Palestine’s Nightmare
The Israeli Knesset (parliament) has hurriedly passed a new bill that defines Israel as the "national home of the Jewish people." Although the association between Jewishness and Israel goes back…
Why Don't Muslims Speak Out Against Terrorism?
“Why don’t Muslims speak out against terrorism?” This is as much a statement as it is a question. It implies that Muslims do not denounce terrorism because they implicitly support…
Fasting should increase Philanthropy
Fasting & Philanthropy Sawm or Fasting in the Islamic tradition requires dawn till dusk abstention from food, drink and intimacy. It is, however far more than mere refraining from these…
Responsibility of Pluralism in Islam
Introduction Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah was a Prophet. He was a Messenger of God. He was the Seal of the Prophets. This is something agreed upon by all Muslims: La…
Let’s Examine Our Relationship with the Qur'an
The Qur'an was revealed by Almighty Allah through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to mankind to bring them out of the disorienting and debilitating darkness of falsehood, ignorance and superstitions to the…
The Best Way to Start Ramadan: Seven Tips
One question I get asked a lot is “What is the best way to start Ramadan?” I thought about this for sometime, and here is my answer: “The best way to…
Ramadan: A time to understand Muslims and the Quran
During Ramadan, there are more than 1.6 billion Muslims on Earth who fast every day from sunrise to sunset. While Ramadan is known for fasting, what many in the West…



Mosul: thousands flee the city as Iraqi forces try to secure west
Britain terror threat raised after concert carnage
Two blasts at bus terminal in Indonesian capital, casualties
When Peace is a Commodity: Trump in the Middle East
With threat ‘very high’, France set to extend state of emergency
Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist
Mosul: thousands flee the city as Iraqi forces try to secure west
America’s military is built to help defense contractors, not troops
Philippines President Duterte declares martial law on Mindanao island

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